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Unrivaled Reliability: The Backbone of Power – Copper Cable Lugs OTD Type Elbow Lug

Used for connection of aluminum cable with copper end of electrical equipment in low voltage. From 25 to 630 mm².


Material: Cu ≥ 99.9%


Surface: tin plated



• Designed for Elbow connector 


Copper mechanical lugs are highly sought-after products in the electrical and electronics industries, playing a pivotal role in electric power transmission across various sectors. Widely utilized in manufacturing, construction, and telecommunications, these lugs are essential components. Our company stands as a leading manufacturer of copper mechanical lugs in China, catering to merchants worldwide. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality, presenting our copper mechanical lugs as reliable and cost-effective solutions for electric power transmission.


Crafted from premium materials, our copper mechanical lugs ensure superior conductivity and durability, crucial for reliable power transmission. Comprising pure copper renowned for high electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance, our lugs guarantee a lasting and dependable solution.


Versatility stands as a primary advantage of our copper mechanical lugs, ideal for industrial, residential, and commercial applications. Available in various sizes, they accommodate different cables and wires. Their ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirements render them a cost-efficient solution.

Our lugs excel in harsh environments, withstanding extreme temperature variations, UV exposure, and chemical resistance. Their resilience makes them suitable for outdoor use or environments exposed to corrosive elements, ensuring secure connections even in challenging conditions.

Why Choose Us?

As a leading manufacturer, we prioritize our clients' needs, delivering quality products tailored to their unique requirements. Our dedicated team offers innovative solutions for superior performance and maximum efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure consistent quality and performance.

Competitive pricing makes our products affordable for businesses of all sizes. We provide customized solutions for specific requirements, offering flexibility in sizes and shipping options to ensure timely deliveries in optimal condition.


Our copper mechanical lugs stand as reliable and cost-effective solutions for electric power transmission, ensuring superior performance for maximum efficiency and productivity. Committed to delivering top-quality products, our team strives to address clients' unique needs with innovative solutions and exceptional service. We welcome merchants to partner with us and experience the benefits of our superior copper mechanical lugs.


QLG Tinned Straight Copper Lugs serve as general-purpose terminations for copper conductors, featuring no inspection holes to prevent water or moisture entry. Tin plating significantly enhances mechanical and electrical performance.


Clear palm markings for correct sizing.

Annealed and tin-plated QLG lugs offer improved surface protection.

Annealing optimizes material structural features, facilitating easier crimping and greater resistance to mechanical stresses. Compliant with DIN 46235 standards, their barrel entrance is chamfered for easy conductor insertion, with precise positioning in the crimping die due to its length.

Operating Temperature

-55°C to 155°C

-67°F to 311°F


Barrel - High Conductivity Annealed copper (99.9% purity). Electrolytic tin-plated.

Inspection And Testing

Visual inspection

Physical measurement

Weight measurement

Conductor fit

Heat cycling

Mechanical pulling test


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