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Mastering Connectivity: Unveiling the Superiority of Mechanical Connectors


Used for intermediate connection of copper cable, aluminium cable and aluminium alloy cable in low voltage. From 10 to 300 mm².



Body: high strength aluminium alloy

Bolts: aluminium alloy


Surface: tin plated



• Wide span range

• Oil blocking structure

• Easy installation with a socket spanner or a wrench.


Aluminium Wire Connector: Redefining Electrical Wiring Standards

Dear Esteemed Customer,

At our manufacturing hub in China, we take immense pride in delivering top-tier products tailored to meet global electrical needs. Our latest innovation, the Aluminium Wire Connector, is positioned to revolutionize your approach to wiring.

So, what makes the Aluminium Wire Connector unique?

This innovative solution replaces conventional wire nuts, pigtails, and crimp connectors. Featuring a screw-on design, it securely twists together the necessary wires, establishing a steadfast connection. What sets Aluminium apart is its construction—crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy for superior conductivity and corrosion resistance. Each barrel is color-coded, simplifying wire size identification.

The Aluminium connector boasts a tapered screw design with deep-cut threads, enabling self-tapping and eliminating pre-threading requirements. Its flat base ensures a stable connection, while the recessed screwdriver slot prioritizes safety, minimizing accidental contact with live wires.

Why Opt for Aluminium Wire Connectors?

Enhanced Safety: Offering a safer alternative to wire nuts and crimp connectors, Aluminium ensures a secure connection, mitigating risks of shorts or arcing.

Time and Labor Efficiency: Easy installation saves time and labor costs. Its screw-on design eliminates the need for pre-twisting or crimping, streamlining the process.

Versatility: Compatible with various wire sizes and types, including copper and aluminum, thanks to its color-coded marking, making it adaptable across applications.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, ensuring prolonged durability and steadfast connections over time.

Applications of Aluminium Wire Connectors:

Residential Wiring: Ideal for new construction and renovations in homes, covering lighting, outlets, switches, and ceiling fans.

Commercial Wiring: Perfect for commercial properties like office buildings and retail spaces, favored by electrical contractors and builders.

Industrial Wiring: Suited for heavy-duty applications in manufacturing plants and production facilities due to its corrosion-resistant design.

In conclusion, the Aluminium Wire Connector sets a new standard with its safety, durability, and ease of use, making it a dependable choice for merchants, contractors, and homeowners.

Thank you for considering our product. For any inquiries or orders, please feel free to contact us.


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