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Amercian Type Pluggin Head Terminal Lug Square Head CTD

Used for connection of copper cable with copper end of electrical equipment in low voltage. From 25 to 630 mm².

Application:  Used for connection of copper cable with copper end of electrical equipment in low voltage. From 25 to 630 mm².

Material: Cu ≥ 99.9%

Surface: tin plated

Feature: • Hole inspection for easy installation.

Tinned copper cable lugs represent a fundamental element within any electrical system demanding secure and dependable connections. These lugs find extensive application across electrical installations, renewable energy setups, and telecommunications networks. As manufacturers specializing in tinned copper cable lugs, our product range boasts diverse options, featuring varying sizes, shapes, and materials.

A standout characteristic of our tinned copper cable lugs lies in their exceptional conductivity. Copper, renowned for its high conductivity, undergoes a tinning process enhancing its electrical properties, elevating its conductivity levels. This ensures our cable lugs establish a path of minimal resistance for electrical current, thereby reducing power loss and maximizing efficiency.

Further, our tinned copper cable lugs offer notable resistance against corrosion. Inherently resistant to corrosion, copper receives an added shield through the tinning process, providing an extra layer of safeguarding against oxidation and other corrosion forms. Consequently, our cable lugs exhibit prolonged longevity compared to other types, which may deteriorate due to environmental exposure over time.

Designed for simplicity, our tinned copper cable lugs come in various shapes and sizes adaptable to diverse applications. Their installation is straightforward, facilitated by standard crimping tools. This ensures our cable lugs serve as a reliable and uncomplicated solution for connecting electrical cables across varied settings.

Beyond their functional advantages, our tinned copper cable lugs present a cost-effective choice for our customers. Copper, a relatively economical material, retains its affordability even after the tinning process. Hence, our cable lugs strike a balance between cost and performance, rendering them a favorable choice for a wide spectrum of applications.

As manufacturers, we take immense pride in the quality of our tinned copper cable lugs. Employing only the highest-grade materials, our products undergo rigorous testing to surpass industry benchmarks. This instills confidence in our customers regarding the performance and reliability of our cable lugs, ensuring a secure and efficient electrical system connection.

In summary, our tinned copper cable lugs encompass a plethora of appealing features and advantages for our customers. With their superior conductivity, corrosion resistance, user-friendly design, and cost-effectiveness, they prove to be an optimal choice for ensuring secure and dependable connections within electrical systems. For merchants seeking top-tier tinned copper cable lugs, we extend an invitation to connect with us today, discover our products, and explore how we can fulfill your requirements.




Copper lugs are specifically crafted for terminating copper conductors. The design lacks an inspection hole, effectively preventing the ingress of water or moisture, rendering these terminals ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, the tin plating significantly augments both the mechanical and electrical performance of the lugs.


Key Benefits

Clearly marked palm enables easy identification of the correct size.

Annealed copper barrel maximizes crimping efficiency.

Tin coating enhances resistance to corrosive environments.


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